I am a sports enthusiast from Finland whose favourite sports to follow are motorsports, tennis, and ski sports. Formula One was probably my first big interest within sports. Mika Häkkinen's success in the late 90s brought the series lots of new followers in Finland; I was one of them. What made F1 so special to me was how it wasn't just a normal sport but a combination of sports, technology, and business.

Following F1 made me to start watch some other motorsports series. Still, F1 was the big interest before starting to lose interest in the 2010s. IndyCar and sports car racing started to interest more and nowadays those are my main interests in motorsports.

Tennis is another sport close to my heart. After playing some tennis at holidays, I started to watch tennis more often in the mid-00s. As I was rather a fan of the game than any player, my interest wasn't limited only to the major events, though it's during the major tournaments when I follow tennis most closely.

As a Finn, being interested in ski sports is obvious. But instead of Nordic disciplines, my biggest interest in ski sports is alpine skiing. I enjoy the variety in alpine skiing. Downhill offers thrill of speed; that reminds me of motorsports. Then again, there are those technical events that require different skills.

When I started to follow F1, I soon started to read news about the business side and the politics of the series. Even though those can be the evils of sport, they can also make a sport more interesting. Motorsports are probably the sports where business and politics are in the biggest role but I am also interested in the business and politics in other sports. For example, I am not interested in the Olympics only during the games but also between them. Which city gets the games or bids for them interests me just as much as who win the gold medals at the games or make the Olympic finals. Then again, the politics can be a turn-off if they are too prevalent like in the case of F1.

I have written also for other sites. Since January 2015 I have written my tennis blog on Tennis Frontier. From July 2015 to April 2016 I was a writer for VAVEL USA, covering IndyCar and sports car racing and alpine skiing as well as managing the alpine skiing section of the site. From May 2016 to April 2017 I was a writer for FormulaRapida.net, covering IndyCar, Indy Lights, FIA WEC, and DTM racing.

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